“It all starts out with a dream to achieve. Focus on your goal and have faith. You will eventually get there!” Here is a story of how three young friends got together to create the waffle and pancake zone that we love so much. Abdul Basith, Ahamed Suhail and Sharik Ibrahim budding entrepreneurs, former graduates from Sahyadri College of Engineering, Mangalore. In the year 2016, the trio graduated and headed seperate ways. As Basith and Suhail moved to the middle east in favour of work, Sharik decided to study further and forged on to the UK.

The trio, however couldn’t be kept away from each other for long. They met Sharik the next year while travelling and over a conversation, decided to be their own bosses and came up with the idea of taking over a franchise. Regardless, the young entrepreneur in the trio wasn’t quite satisfied with a franchise of normal cafe concept. They wanted to experiment and develop their own taste, a taste that the people would never forget. After a lot of thought and consideration, the three musketeers decided to create their own brain child, Waffee House.

Basith, Suhail and Sharik decided to research as much as they could before they ventured into the oceanic market. They travelled extensively across India trying to figure out the taste they wanted to induce in their waffles and pancakes. It took them a long way, from Mangalore to London – Brussels – Middle East – Mumbai – Pune – Delhi and back to Mangalore to be precise, before they were able to figure out the unforgettable taste that would soon be tickling the taste buds of their beloved customers.

The trio were from Kasargod, Kerala and decided to put up their project in the closest city, Mangalore. It took them quite a while to finalise the location but they made sure it was worth it. After investing quite some capital on their vision, they were able to give birth to “Waffee House” that we know today.

Functioning from City Arcade, Bendoorwell, Waffee House has gained quite some popularity among all age groups. We work super hard towards delivering top notch service to our customers while retaining the best of quality. Our take away system of providing waffles and mini Dutch pan cakes make it all the more easier for our customers.

Why travel the world when we have brought the world to you! Come over and visit us to relish the finest taste of Belgian waffles and mini Dutch pancakes! Our flavours are custom made in order to blend with your taste buds. From chocoholics to fruitaholics, we have got you covered!

We also believe in service with a smile! Our staff are a group of happy and hygienic youngsters who ensure the best of service, sure enough to keep your heart contended and leave you coming back for more. What are you waiting for? Drop down to Waffee House today to cherish our flavours and have a good time!